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Alexander McQueen

What’s something that sounds like a compliment, but is actually an insult?
A friend once said that they didn’t think I was the type to do well in school, and when I asked why, they said “because you look like the rabak (Malay for ‘terrible’) type”—they probably thought I partied all the time instead of studying. (laughs)

What’s a country you’ve always wanted to travel to, and why?
There are so many! I’d say that Italy has been at the top of the list because of all the food—pastas, gelato, and risottos—as well as the architecture, culture, history and museums. I’m actually planning a 45-day trip to Europe this month, including seven countries in Eastern Europe, and Italy is among them.

Share with us your most interesting encounter abroad.
On my first day in Cannes, I went to a café across from my hostel to plan my day over coffee. I met a stranger there, and we chatted for a bit before he offered to bring me around for the day. It’s probably one of the craziest things I’ve done—I’d just assured all my friends & family that getting into a stranger’s car would be the last thing I’d do, but here I was! (laughs) It turned out to be quite an adventure—this new friend brought me to places I wouldn’t have gone to, so I have #noregrets.

Something you wished you had more time to do:
I buy a book every time I’m at a bookstore—it’s an obsession—so I’d actually like to have some time to read the books that I’ve collected. I probably have more than 20 books that I’ve yet to read but top of my list would be The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith and Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince.

What’s something interesting people don’t really know about you?
I was in a culinary course for a year before I left and joined marketing. I really enjoy cooking as a hobby, making pastas and chocolate tarts! So far my guinea pigs are my sister, my boyfriend, and my closest friends.

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