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Tell us a bit more about where you’re from and what you’re doing now.
I’m from Italy. I moved to Singapore last September to do my Masters in Management at ESSEC Business School. There’re a lot of restrictions in Singapore, but I’m enjoying my time here so far. I love it.

Have you had any good Italian food here that you would recommend?
I’ve only had Italian food here once actually, one pizza, but it’s so overpriced it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, local food is delicious and inexpensive, so that’s what I’ve been eating. My favourite is char kway teow!

What are some of your favourite spots in Singapore?
I particularly love the Tanjong Pagar area actually, and the little hills and streets around. There are a lot of bars and nice places to see, so when I’m not studying or when I don’t have classes, I meet up with my friends and we go to bars or do activities around Singapore. I go running a lot too.

Has it been tough being away from your family?
Absolutely not, no. This freedom is very nice, and I’m actually used to living by myself, so I don’t mind it at all. Back home, I have a big family, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming living together, so it’s good to be able to manage my time on my own and not have any rules to follow. It’s just refreshing (laughs).

Do you prefer the weather in Singapore or in Italy?
Singapore. I love that I didn’t experience winter this year. I actually went back to Italy last year for Christmas, but that was the only time. I love it here—it’s so warm and nice all the time. My hair does get crazy and frizzy in this humid weather though, but I mean, I’m used to it.

How would you describe your style?
Very effortless I would say. I don’t like to spend time thinking about what to wear, so I always go for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Very easy, simple, and comfortable. I do like to wear bright colours and dresses sometimes when I go out, but during the day when I go to school or work, I never wear any colour—it’s always grey, black, or white.

Is there a particular quote or piece of advice that you live by?
We have a saying in Italian, and I only know the saying in Italian, but basically I hate regretting things, so I always try to experience as much as I can.

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