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Tell us a bit more about yourself and where you’re from.
I’m from France, and I’m now a business student in Singapore. I previously studied engineering in France, but I got bored of all of the scientific topics taught, and wanted to discover something different. I also wanted to have a change in scenery, and one of the most famous French business schools has a branch in Singapore, so that’s been great—Singapore is so different from Paris.

What do you think is the biggest difference between Singapore and Paris?
I think that when you’re in Paris, it feels like you’re in a different point in time because we have some really old buildings all around the city, and a lot of historical elements, but in Singapore, everything is really trendy, and there’s technology everywhere, which feels very different.

Outside of school and studying, what are some things that you enjoy doing?
I really love listening to music. That’s how I spend all my nights these days. At the moment, my favourite type of music to listen to is Australian rock—my favourite band is Skeggs, a rock trio from New South Wales. Rock music has a lot of energy, so when I listen to it, I just feel very happy.

You’ve only just moved to Singapore in January this year. In the short time that you’ve been here, have you discovered a favourite spot or place to visit?
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve! It’s really, really nice there. I hiked there with one of my best friends in Singapore, and it was a really great hike. I saw so many animals that I can’t see in France, and this is so crazy to me. For example, it’s strange to see crocodiles in nature, because in France, I can only see small animals in the wild, not reptiles.

Share one of your favourite French quotes with us.
“To be a Paris citizen is not to be born in Paris, it’s to be reborn in Paris”.

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