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Huiyu says that she feels most like herself in a uniform of laid back, comfortable pieces, like jeans, camisoles, shirts, denim cut-offs, and tees. “There are also special occasions where I like to whip out my red lipsticks, slip dresses and heels,” she says. “But really, for most days, I use a rack of cami tops in muted colours and skinny jeans, on rotation.” Working in the PR industry means that, unless she has to dress the part to meet clients, she’s able to get away with wearing anything that makes her happy and keeps her comfortable. Huiyu says that she would most probably have become a writer or journalist if she wasn’t in PR. “It satisfies my love of language and my inquisitive mind! But to be honest, my current job does fulfil both aspects as well.” Something that has helped Huiyu prepare for the industry was the internships she did while she was still in school. “I would recommend everyone to intern as many times as possible before your first job. I’m thankful for all the amazing people and mentors who were kind and patient enough to teach and guide me,” she says. “Not only did it help me gain a better understanding of the industry, it taught me the precious lesson of humility, and how a positive attitude really changes everything. I think it’s very important to have an open mind.” Huiyu splits her time off work by having some me-time, and spending quality time with her loved ones. “My ideal afternoon consists of a warm cup of tea, and a good book,” she says. “My ideal evening consists of people I love, a good dinner and lots of laughter.”
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