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When she isn’t up in the air, Ashley stays grounded with this sophisticated, ladylike look. She pairs a wardrobe essential — a crisp white shirt — with a navy blue skirt that adds a bit of flair with its dipped hem. You can’t go wrong with a classic colour combination like white and navy, and Ashley amps up the charm with some pale pink accessories. We like the touch of snake skin on her bag that adds just a bit of edge to an otherwise wholesome, conservative look. Ashley said that she never planned to become an air stewardess, and that it kind of “just happened”. She’s been at her job for five years, and seems to enjoy it nonetheless. “Especially the fact that I’m able to shop all over the world!” Her most recent stop was in Zurich, although she said she barely left the hotel room on her short visit there, while her favourite city to visit is London. While Ashley has mostly gotten used to being away from her friends and family for long stretches of time, when she’s back in town, she catches up with them over a few rounds of mahjong.

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