As working in a law firm leaves little room for deviation, Iain plays by the book while putting permissible, unique touches on his dressing. “On most days, it’s more about the watch and the socks! On Fridays, however, we are allowed to dress down so that’s the day where some individual style can come more into play.” And what’s his individual style like? Iain terms it “eclectic”, a catch-all that places no restrictions on individual creativity. Like his style, Iain has diversified hobbies. He practices martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, and snowboards, skis and dives. In addition, he enjoys watching movies, scootering, swimming and reading while spending time together with his family. “It’s important to balance health and happiness with work,” Iain believes, stating that he thinks he’s learnt how to prioritise better over time. It’s not all play and no work with Iain, however; he lives by a motto that expresses the value of giving his best. “You get out what you put in, and there is no substitute for hard work. People are not the sum total of their CV.”

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