Cheryl believes that the most important part of any outfit is all the way down at the toes. “A good pair of shoes can change a whole outfit and define a person,” she says. “A solid collection of shoes is a good investment, but it’s not always the quantity but the quality of shoes you own!” Cheryl might be dressed in lace but she’s hardly quiet and reserved; in fact, she says she might dress more femininely one day, and be boyish the next, and speaking to her unveils a personality that is bright, cheerful, and ever-optimistic. “I’m unable to live without optimism and gummy worms,” she says. “Positivity is so powerful. It brings you to places, saves relationships and can turn around a drastic situation. Gummy worms are, well, gummy worms.” Her ever-changing style simply reflects her experimental nature that’s always open to new experiences. “When it comes to work, you should try to be open-minded, even if you have an ambition or passion. Talk to people, do not be afraid to ask anything and learn to control your emotions.” Cheryl says that work for her, at the moment, is a breeze, as she loves the environment that she’s growing in as she pursues her dreams. “The people around me make any frustration bearable,” she says. “I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do what I want, chase what I like, and have what I need.” If she could do anything else, she’d love to be a baker, musician, or a wedding planner. “I love to be able to create something that can bring tears to the eyes,” she says. “Yes, I think a good brownie can make someone cry.” Her love for food is tempered by a healthy diet, although she treats herself to her favourite carbohydrates — Japanese rice, waffles, pancakes, pizzas, and tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes). Perhaps we should all take heed of Cheryl’s recommended reading: Hector and the Search for Happiness. “It’s a simple read, but the whole series unravels things that you didn’t know that you actually knew.”

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