One of Galuh’s good friends once told her that she was ‘a classic dresser, but (she) wears it beautifully’. “In response to this kind comment,” Galuh says. “I told her that I needed to inject a bit of zest into my outfits!” We think there’s plenty to love about her style, however, and it shows no matter how many times we bump into her. She keeps three things in mind when it comes to pulling her work outfits together: “The work environment or dress code in the office; the meeting schedule for the day and after work plans, if any; and always dressing to your body frame, shape and proportions,” she says. “This includes making sure you’re comfortable to sit and walk around for the day and also getting your tailor to do a little nip of tailoring, which could also make all the difference.” She’s also noticed that, while the women in Raffles Place are generally well-dressed, some of the hemlines for the office are a tad too short. “I know the weather is hot but I have seen really short dresses around here! The boys would not be happy about me commenting on this…” Galuh spent a decade in Australia studying, and also spent a month in South America travelling all by herself. “It was one of the most brilliant experiences in my life,” she says. “I feel blessed and privileged to have that experience and wonderful memories to keep just to myself.” If she wasn’t working, Galuh says she would love to have sand in her hair and sun on her skin, perhaps while continuing to read a book by the H.H the fourteenth Dalai Lama that she is currently on. “It’s titled From Here To Enlightenment. One practical teaching that resonates with me the most so far — bear in mind I am only on Chapter 1 — is ‘from the moment you wake up, develop one corner in your mind to have awareness of your thoughts and behaviour’.”

Galuh was last seen here and here.


She was the runner-up of our online voting contest for our Browhaus x Shentonista #BrowHunt.
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