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Grace is perhaps more well-known by her fashion illustrations that turn real, delicate flower petals into stunning, red-carpet worthy frocks that bring to life the imagination of any girl who’s had thoughts of that one dream dress. Grace says that she’s been painting all her life, but it’s only been a year since she started doing it professionally, and she’s loving every minute of it. “When I was in university, I spent most of my free time painting,” she says. “But now painting is part of my job, and I get paid doing what I love most. It is my dream job!” Even her personal style is a reflection of her passion. “I dabble in art so you would think I love all things vibrant and colourful. However, I love to wear white, especially during my illustration events. I want my paintings to get all the attention!” This demure white dress is certainly fitting of this sweet lady, and she similarly keeps her accessories to a minimum so that as an artist, she’s like the blank canvas to her art. And while she’s quite a star on her Instagram account, on which she posts photos of her artwork, she’s actually an advocate of tuning out. Her advice on being present and in the moment when she’s with friends and family is to log out of Instagram. “You should be too busy having fun to take photos!” We think Grace has a bright future ahead of her, and she’s also reminding herself to stay grounded and to keep believing. “Always keep the faith.”

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