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Nicole is currently in her last year of studies in university, and since she’s studying Communications and New Media, she says that one of the best things about her school is that her fellow schoolmates make an effort to dress up. “There is absolutely no dress code, which means you’re free to express yourself however you want,” she says. “That makes for some good friendly competition and great eyecandy!” Even when she interned at a PR firm some time back, Nicole wasn’t one to fall prey to corporate stereotypes. “I don’t really believe in ‘no pain no gain’ for everyday workwear, I think it’s completely possible to amalgamate style and comfort,” she says. “I think the most distinct point of my outfits, which was also what usually pushes it against the boundaries a little, are my sneakers. They were a birthday gift, and they are so comfy! As long as I don’t have a client event, I’m usually in my sneakers.” Despite her short stint at work, Nicole’s still learnt a thing or two that helps her both in school and in life. “Always stay curious,” she says. “If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’m sure people are more than willing to help you if you want to learn. Keep your ears and mind open and you will go beyond learning hard skills.” And although Nicole says she “generally doesn’t find (herself) very interesting” we think otherwise, especially when she starts sharing bits of random information about herself. “If I wasn’t studying or working I think I would want to be a cat,” she laughs. “The cats underneath my block are always just lazing around and doing nothing, and have people feeding them!” There’s more: “I listen to a lot of electronic dance music, but Jay Chou is my guilty pleasure. I also have a handkerchief that I’ve slept with since I was a baby.”  We love Nicole’s open nature already.

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