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I’m an intern at a 3D animation studio.
I’m actually studying in the South of France at a school for animation, but I decided to come to Singapore for my internship.

What made you decide to come to Singapore?
I wanted to explore Asia, and one of my colleagues who came to Singapore enjoyed it and said they had a marvellous experience.

Having been here for almost two months, what do you like about Singapore?
What I like the most is the diversity. You can find different cultures living together, and I love walking down the street and seeing an Indian temple right next to a Chinese one. I like that nature is always so close at hand, like MacRitchie Reservoir Park. You have everything in a small place, so it’s really convenient.

What do you miss most about home?
Cheap croissants, and dry weather. I’ve had some time to get used to the humidity, but I don’t know how you guys handle it.

Share with us something you read recently that inspired you.
I’m interested in travel, and I recently read 1000 Days Of Summer by Tomislav Perko, who wrote about his experiences travelling around Europe without any money. It’s a bit like a travel journal and it’s inspiring, and making me want to do the same.

Where’s somewhere you’d love to travel to?
I’d like to see more of Asia, because I’ve only been to Japan and Singapore. I’d also like to visit Latin America, because I think I’d like the culture and the landscape is amazing.

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