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Tell us about yourself—what do you do?
I’m a barista, and I’ve been in this line of work for about two years. I was working in finance for about three years previously, but decided to make the change because I wanted a different environment and a change of pace.

Why the decision to be a barista?
I decided to make the change to F&B because it was something I was familiar with, having helped my parents out with their hawker stall business on the weekends ever since I was in primary school. It was by coincidence that my friends started up a café and since the opportunity came along, I decided to take it up and join them.

What’s the biggest difference between your previous career and your work now?
Besides the hours being more flexible, what drew me to both and that I enjoy is actually the same thing, which is the customer interaction and the sense of providing a service, and being able to help someone.

If you could start up a business of your own, what would it be like?
I haven’t really thought about it, but it’d be something between a restaurant and a café, a place where people can gather and chill out.

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