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My mum designed my rings.
She likes to repurpose vintage jewellery and design things, especially from heirloom pieces, to signify events and occasions. She took two old rings from my grandma and from her own collection and weaved them together to create the sides of these rings. She believes that jewellery has a story and that we should always wear something meaningful.

What’s something people don’t really know about you?
I think people don’t really know that I’m a nerd. I’m very obsessed about history, especially fashion history. If I wasn’t in fashion, I think I might be a historian or a scientist. I’m obsessed about research and I guess it applies to my work.

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Simone de Beauvoir. She’s a French existentialist philosopher and writer, and I was inspired by her books and her life. She led a very interesting and colourful life for a woman of her time because she was a feminist, and she and her partner were at the forefront of the existentialism movement. Besides style, intellect and knowledge are very important to me, so the people who inspire me need not be stylish, but have a story to tell.

What’s a useless talent you have?
My toes are double-jointed, so they can move on their own.

What’s something you cannot live without in your wardrobe?
That’s tough. Okay, I guess everyone needs shoes to walk, so I’ll go with colourful, exciting flat sandals and shoes. I’m constantly on the look out for those. I like details, even when it comes to my clothes. It can’t just be a black or white shirt, it has to have a curved back, or be asymmetrical.

If you could pick any dish to describe you, what would it be and why?
Chinese rojak! It’s all over the place, basically schizophrenic, and you can’t exactly pinpoint what flavour you’re going to taste, but when you eat it it’s a pleasant surprise. At the same time, there’re many textures going on, but if you eat too much of it it’s not good for you. (laughs)

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