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Rachel has unmistakeable poise and confidence, things that serve her well as a secondary school mathematics teacher. “I love working with my students,” she says, of her job. “They’re aged as young as 12, and I like to see them grow.” Her dream vocation, however, would be to work as a travel host, a job that is undeniably coveted by many. Originally from Scotland, she moved here when her husband was called over for work. “I like Singapore because the weather’s predictable!” she says. “I tend to dress according to the weather.” Rachel favours classic pieces that are demure and not too low cut, and prefers comfortable flats over heels — sensible, given the long hours she spends standing in front of a class every day. She cites the Australian model and TV presenter Rebecca Judd as one of her style icons, along with Victoria Beckham, whom she admires for her “classy and elegant” style. We see Rachel channeling some of that easy elegance in this simple printed shift dress, fuss-free bun, and open-toed sandals — unintentionally providing style inspiration, herself.

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