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“I think I used to be quite the fashion disaster,” Lin laughs. “I used to blindly follow trends without thinking whether they suit me; some of my old photos make me cringe.” Today, Lin is more comfortable sticking to basics and classic pieces, and dresses according to her mood instead. The massive Sex & The City fan describes her style as “Charlotte York meets Samantha Jones” and says that the TV series has given her more than fashion inspiration. “It’s like my bible. It’s my go-to whenever I’m stuck in an emotional rut, or if I’m facing problems in life and relationships which I have no idea how to deal with.” Perhaps the series has also contributed to a little ‘epiphany’ she’s had at work. “It was a busy period, and the market was really bad, with companies going bust and stuff. It was then that I realised that the world is changing so fast, and that nothing is truly certain. But I also realised that even in the worst of times, opportunities still exist — it’s just a matter of your capability (and a lot of luck) to see if you can catch it, and use it to catapult your way up, both in business and in life.” She fell in love with her work from then on. “People think the job is all about crunching numbers, but it’s really not. It’s examining the world through numbers, and simplifying a lot of things. It’s amazing, truly.” Nonetheless, Lin calls herself a free spirit, and can think of endless things she’d like to be doing if she wasn’t working in her current profession. “Open a restaurant, act on Broadway, join a dance troupe, travel the world, be a museum or art gallery curator, freedom fighter, farmer…You name it, and I’m game,” she says. “I’ve always been brought up to believe that I can achieve anything and everything if I set my mind to it, and this is something I hold very dear to my heart.” Lin’s at the stage in life where she’s beginning to figure out exactly what she wants to achieve and accomplish. “One line from The Mindy Project really stuck with me: “Who I have been is not who I’m going to be.” It’s a very confusing and unfamiliar phase for me, but I’m learning, and moving forward.”

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