Rebecca Minkoff

What prompted you to first become a nurse?
I want to make a difference in people’s lives. Caring for people has always been in my heart ever since I was young and I thought that nursing would be a really good fit for me, even though I knew the job scope is not easy.

How has your perception of nursing changed after going through the Covid-19 pandemic?
I’ve realised that us nurses have became more resilient during this pandemic and are willing to sacrifice our well-being despite knowing the risks.

A genie offers to grant three wishes—what are the wishes you make?
The three wishes are:

Ensuring that my happiness comes first before anything else
Opening my own fashion line—I’d love to open a store, especially for the hijabis
Lastly, to have a chance at modelling or acting (laughs).

Share with us a common stereotype about the nursing profession that you hear far too often.
People often think we’re doing a “maid’s job”—like cleaning the patient, showering them, feeding them. What they don’t know is that apart from that, there’s so much more to it.

Who are some of your fashion influences?
I’ll usually try not to follow what’s in trend because I don’t want to look similar to others (laughs). Most of my outfits are from SHEIN & other online apps. I try to see what outfit appeals to me or will try something that I have never tried before. I don’t have any specific styles but I do love wearing outfits that boost my confidence and make me feel like I’m going to rock that look.

If you could share your ultimate style tip with our readers, what would it be?
Always be confident in what you’re wearing. If you see an outfit and you love it, don’t hesitate to buy it. Get it and rock it in your own style! Don’t care about what others think about you—you’re the main person. The more you think about what others might say about you, the more likely you are to not wear it anymore, so you do you!

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