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Saint Laurent

If you had to choose someone as your role model in life, who would it be? 
My parents are my role models—they came from a generation where not everyone had the privilege to attend school till they were older. Life was tough for them when they were younger, yet they still managed to provide my family with the best and ensured that we got a good education. I respect their determination and perseverance.

Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or extrovert?
I know I don’t look like one, but I’m an introvert! I like being alone and having my own space. I’m also quite shy, and I don’t do very well during networking or social events, especially ones where I don’t know anyone.

What are the three most commonly used emojis on your phone?
I currently use a Samsung mobile phone, which has an app to create emojis that really look like me. My colleagues have commented that my emojis are the exact copies of me. I don’t know if I have any that I commonly use, as I’ve created quite a few emojis and I try to mix them up a bit to express my feelings and state of mind! You can see the stickers below:

If you could travel back to any period in time, which period would you choose?
Perhaps the time before smartphones were invented? I feel that life was much simpler back then. I do agree that smartphones make our lives easier: you get  access to information so easily, and apps make communication and life more productive. However, I do feel all these can be quite distracting, and we forget the simpler things in life, like meeting and talking to a person face to face.

You switched industries mid-career—what’s something you now wish you knew before starting your first job? 
I envy the current generation of students. They have so many options, courses-wise. Schools also provide them with a lot of information and guidance. I wished we had that when I was studying; to have more information and guidance on career paths and choices.

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