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We spotted Valerie looking a little lost, cradling a bouquet of beautiful blooms. But no, Valerie isn’t some lovelorn girl; she was personally delivering the flowers to a customer—she’s a florist. She previously studied business marketing, and worked in the non-profit sector, before starting her shop, WanderFloral, with a friend. “It was a really random idea,” she says. “But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” Other perks of the job: she works from home, so she practically gets to wear her pyjamas to work, and she finds flowers to be very therapeutic. I get so focused wrapping flowers, I forget about the time and my mind is a total void, but my hands just keep working. Then boom! Hours have passed, like I time travelled. I love that feeling.” It isn’t being a florist, working seven days a week, she says, but she believes that if you like your job, then you have a greater quality of life. Beyond her floral ambitions, Valerie aspires to collect as many stories and experiences as she can. “I want to be a walking story book, or better yet, a picture book with super exciting pop-up visuals. And so, being a florist is one of the new chapters I am writing right now. Hope it’ll be a good one!”

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