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In this neon-yellow, strappy dress, Sherlyn isn’t what initially comes to mind when you think of teachers. Her teaching job sounds incredibly rewarding, however, even if she has to work on Saturdays. “I love how after I’ve dismissed a class of students, one can come trotting back moments later with arms wide open in anticipation of a big hug from me,” she says. “And how, 2 years after a class has graduated, the most notorious student of the lot, now in his teenage years, mutters under his breath when he sees me, “I miss you, Madam.”” Sherlyn still manages to find time for the people that matter on her days off, though. “Time is to be made,” she says. “If those people really matter to you, you’d have time for time.” Something else that her students might not know about her: “I’m a “thrower”, an antonym to the modern day  “hoarder”,” she says. “Receipts go into the bin the moment I leave the stores; cards, even hand-written ones, go into the bin after I take a picture of them; Christmas presents, if not functional to me, are thrown away too. That’s not to say I’m not sentimental, but anything that I don’t always use that lies around bugs me.” Tough love — probably something that makes her so good at what she does.

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