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Tell us something about you that not many people might know.
I cut hair for fun (laughs). Sometimes I help my friends cut their hair, and I’ve also worked part-time at a Japanese hair salon.

What’s a dream occupation you’d like to do?
I don’t like to box myself into a hole. I want to try out a lot of occupations, so in an ideal world, I’d be able to explore everything I want to. Mostly, I like interacting with people, so that’s what I’d like to do with any occupation I take up.

Is there an artist you’d love to work with?
There’s a Japanese artist called Yoshitomo Nara who does illustrations. His whole approach to art is quite innocent and child-like, which I think is aligned with my own approach.

What’s been your most memorable holiday?
I’d have to say it’s Tokyo, because it’s always been my go-to getaway place. I’ve been there five times within the past two years. I think if I had to choose one place everyone should go to, it has to be Family Mart (laughs). For my most recent trip, I stayed in this area called Shimokitazawa, which is a very quaint neighbourhood that I think everyone should visit.

Do you prefer travelling solo or with a group of friends?
I just recently tried solo travelling because I’ve always wanted to, but I think it’s more fun to travel with your friends. It gets tiring to talk to yourself after a while, and it’s quite lonely when you do stuff like day tours.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Hopeful, free-spirited, and independent.

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