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How would you describe your dress sense?
It’s different everyday. Today’s concept is inspired by a laid-back Japanese style. I usually change out my style everyday—sometimes it’s floral and sometimes it’s more toned down.

As a barista, what got you interested in making coffee?
To be honest, it’s the variety of beans in the world that first interested me. How can a small bean give you so much flavour? That was what hooked me. Certain beans give you a light flavour and others have more depth.

What’s your favourite part about your job?
Everything (laughs). I like how we can influence the taste of the coffee. For coffee beans, the flavour depends on how you process, brew, and nurture it. So the taste of your coffee depends on the teamwork of the baristas. 

If you were a type of coffee, what would you be?
An Ethiopian coffee—it’s a bit sweet and sour at the same time. They’re also very floral, almost like jasmine, which is what I feel like I am.

What was your childhood dream growing up?
I wanted to be a policeman. Until I enlisted in the Singapore Police Force, and then I completely changed my mind (laughs). I’d rather talk to someone who’s sober than shouting at a drunk person all the time.

If you could title your own autobiography, what would it be?
“The Adventure of Tintin”. Working in Singapore can be hectic and stressful so I usually take about 2–3 vacations in a year to learn something new or find new beans. I meet other baristas during my holidays, and observe them to gain experience.

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