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The last time we spoke to you way back in 2018, you were working as a production assistant. How did you get into the field of UX, and how has this journey been for you?
I quit my job to attend a UI/UX intensive programme, which was where I had my first taste of UX. I interned even more after completing the course, and officially got started working in UX four years ago!

It’s been great so far, and I really enjoy it because it’s about designing from data with end users in mind. Essentially, I get to solve problems without a PhD.

Do you miss the production life and do you ever see yourself going back into that field?
Well, I wouldn’t say I miss it per se because I still help my friends in production by scouting for talents for them! I do so at @tuesdaegcreativespace, but I’m mostly working from WhatsApp these days (laughs).

Maybe I’ll make a WhatsApp Business account for Tuesdaeg and shut the Instagram down.

Is there anything you’re hoping to achieve or pick up before the end of the year?
I was thinking of taking up a part-time course in UX design to beef up my profile. That, and I hope to make more money so that I can be happier doing the things that I want and love.

Looking past this year, I would like to relocate every couple of years with my partner in the very near future, just for a change in scenery and some fresh air. I’m okay moving anywhere really, as long as there’s decent coffee and pasta. It also depends where my partner wants to go—I can adapt.

That’s a really nice dress you’re wearing! Can you tell us more about it?
It’s from the brand Belle & Bloom. I actually rented it from Style Theory, but I accidentally ripped it on a fire hydrant, so I’ll be buying over the dress after they patch it up for me (laughs).

Charlene was previously seen here.

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