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Tell us more about where you’re from! Is this your first visit to Singapore?
I’m from Jakarta, and it’s my fourth time here in Singapore. This is my first trip since the pandemic. Singapore is quite similar to Jakarta in terms of the weather, but there’s traffic everywhere back in Jakarta.

What are your must-dos whenever you travel?
In Singapore, I like shopping! My favourite boutique here is The Editor’s Market. Whenever I visit Singapore, I must go there. I’m happy to see that there are a lot of outlets now! On my first day, I went and bought a lot of things (laughs). If I buy it in Jakarta, it’s very expensive, because of the tax.

I also like eating whenever I travel, but food-wise, I actually think it’s a bit expensive here, so I prefer dining in places like Bangkok. The food in Japan is very nice too.

What do you do for work back in Jakarta?
I’m a vet, but I’m working at a company that produces medicines, vitamins, and supplements for animals. We’re a distributor in Indonesia, so what I do is I go to clinics and sell my products to other vets.

Usually, they already know what I’m selling, because the brand is popular enough back home.

Do you have pets on your own?
Yes, of course! I have two dogs, a poodle mix and chihuahua mix named Bossa and Cielo. I also have two birds, and rabbits. There are a lot of animals in my home—I like that!

In Jakarta, what are your some of your favourite spots to hang out? Any recommendations?
Most of them are cafés or coffee shops, because there are a lot of coffee shops in Jakarta and the prices are very affordable.

For hanging out, I would say maybe the mall? In Jakarta, there’re not a lot of interesting things to do or places good for hanging out. Usually, if you want to just chill with your friends, you’ll head to a coffee shop, or maybe catch a movie.

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