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I’m a jewellery designer and I started my own label, called THREEONETWOFIVE.
The idea first came to me during a school project, when I was doing my degree in Fashion Business at LASALLE College of the Arts. That project took off, and I decided to carry on with it. Later, we introduced a social element to it, where we engage nonprofit organisations to provide opportunities for employment for the underprivileged.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I usually wake up at 8AM and reply emails, and do some design work. After that, I head to the studio to work on custom orders. The rest of the day is taken up with administrative work and errands, like packing orders and sending them out.

What are some major challenges you’ve faced?
For the first few months after I started the label, I went through a period of loneliness where I wasn’t sure of my direction. I’d just graduated, and I was still used to the education system where your lecturers provide you with a structure and tell you what is right. Eventually, I overcame that by telling myself that I just had to persist.

What’s a piece of advice you wish you’d received when you were starting out?
That it’s okay to fail sometimes. I feel that education sets us up to constantly compare our achievements to others, or to value preconceived notions of success, but sometimes you just have to stick to what you believe in.

Who are your role models?
Carolyn Kan, the founder of local jewellery brand Carrie K. I took an internship with her because of her passion for local brands, and I learned from her spirit of collaboration and supporting other brands, instead of competing.

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