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Tell us about what you do.
I work as a junior producer in a media production company. I studied mass communication and I love film, so it seemed like the right fit for me.

What are some goals you’re working towards?
I’d love to move to Europe, and I want to keep working in production and gaining more experience in my field.

What do you do to destress?
I’ve had dogs since I was young, so I usually spend time with my dogs. This isn’t my dog, though, I’m helping my boss walk his! Apart from that, I like to watch films; it’s also because I work in film production.

Any favourite films or directors?
I like horror movies in general; my favourite film is The Shining. It’s strange but I’ve always been fascinated by the supernatural, partly because I don’t believe in it.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve worn?
When I was a teenager I wore skater skirts. They didn’t flatter my figure; I don’t know why I thought they were cool.

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