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You currently work as a lab assistant in a medical laboratory. Is this something you’ve always wanted to pursue?
Yeah, I’ve always loved the wonders of science, and I feel like I just want to be a part of a movement where I can inspire others to find solutions for a better life. But I mean, this is just one part of my journey. I don’t know what the future holds. Who knows, I might shift to another area in life that doesn’t really have anything to do with science. Maybe more towards lifestyle or gymming, design, or fashion. We’ll see!

Tell us about some of your hobbies.
I love visiting museums and I love the arts basically. When I was young, I actually did a lot of portraits, but my mum did not support me, so she actually threw all of my portfolios away. But it’s okay because I think as I grew up, she started to see how evolved our generation is, and she realised that Singapore has quite a large arts scene, so she kind of gives me a leeway now that I’m all grown up and have my own money.

It’s been quite a while since my portrait days, and I’ve lost touch with it, but I’m starting to pick it up again and have been going for classes, which is cool and interesting because it’s brought back a sense of liveliness in me, you know?

Is anyone else in your family into the arts?
I would say my brothers can sing. They’re quite talented, but we didn’t really pursue anything serious in that area because our parents are a bit old-school, so we left that behind for alternative careers. For me it’s science, for my brothers it’s aviation and travelling and stuff.

Are you very close to your brothers or parents?
Growing up yes, I was close to them, but now we’re all busy because my brothers have their own families, and all three of them have moved out, so I’m the only one left (laughs). They’re all in their 30s now, and I’m only 22 because I was adopted, but it feels great to have them.

As for my parents, they work during the night while I work in the morning, so we rarely see each other even though we live together in one house. We do spend time together though, mostly during the weekends. Every Saturday night, we will have a large gathering with the whole family, and that’s the most time that I can have with them throughout the week.

What do you and your family like to do during these gatherings?
When we get together, it’s like a large chill session—we’ll have a lot of food prepared, and just talk about what’s going on in our lives, or share stories. Our parents especially like to tell stories about their younger days. One of the most memorable ones I’ve heard is when my dad was saying that he got high in the cemetery with his bunch of friends, and they just pranked each other. I don’t know what the heck they did, but yeah it’s just the good old days (laughs).

What’s one piece of advice your parents have shared with you that you still hold on to today?
I’m very close to my dad, and I always go to him for life advice and to talk about boys and relationships, and he will always tell me to just be a woman with love, and to carry myself with grace. I just have to keep doing what I love to do, and keep upgrading myself until the right person chases me. I don’t have to do the chasing, and I should never do the chasing (laughs). So I’ve really been doing my own thing. Even if guys hit me up, I mean, I don’t mind going on dates, but you know, I’m more focused on myself.

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