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Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m originally from England, and I’m currently an English tuition teacher here in Singapore. I’ve been teaching for three years now, but I’d like to get into filmmaking actually.

What first sparked your interest in film?
When I was a teenager, I used to love watching films, and then I remember my sister went to college, and she would tell us about all that she was learning about making films, so after that I went to study it too. I even made my own short films and music videos, but I stopped to travel for a bit. It wasn’t a bad thing, and I was fairly lucky in that I’ve been able to teach on the side, and have the money to travel as well, but now I’m trying to hustle a little bit and get back into it proper.

What kinds of films do you hope to make?
This sounds quite corny, but I’d like to make films that will kind of make a difference. Or ones which are maybe more eye-opening to issues that we’re facing in the world. Something similar to Don’t Look Up—I just like the way that director Adam McKay brings a lot of attention to a big issue at the minute, but he does it in a comical way because that’s the direction that he usually goes with with his stuff.

You probably watch a lot of films then? Do you have any favourites or recommendations?
Yeah, too many probably (laughs). Drive has been one of my favourites for a long time. It’s the Ryan Gosling film from a few years ago. There are also classics like Toy Story and stuff that I used to love, and also comedies like Happy Gilmore. Then there’s also Oldboy, the Korean film, and some Wong Kar Wai films like In The Mood For Love. Oh and Wes Anderson actually, his stuff is beautiful!

What’s the last film you made?
It’s a while back, but it was for a Bali holiday that I did with Jo, my wife. It was more of a love letter to her, because I hadn’t seen her for a year at the time because of COVID. But at the minute, I’m working on a video for the Ashtanga yoga studio that I go to, Ashtanga Yoga Nilayam.

How did you meet your wife?
Tinder (laughs). We’ve been together almost five years now—it’ll be five years this June.

What’s the biggest thing she’s taught you?
Maybe to look at myself more, like looking inwards more I would say. I feel like I do that a lot more since being with her. Or patience.

Having been in Singapore for a while now, what are some of your favourite local foods?
Indian is always my number one. Literally all of it I love, because I’m a vegetarian, so I tend to go for dishes like paneer butter masala, any of the naans, or prata. I really like mala as well. I just love spicy foods.

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