Good As Gold


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TAG Heuer

Brand names and labels are only a secondary concern for Abigail when it comes to shopping for workwear. “The quality and design are more important, and I only go for what I feel comfortable and confident in,” she says. “I think that my style has become more classic over the years.” We see that in her timeless little black dress, accented with touches of gold at the waist and on her bag; you can’t go wrong with simple, two-toned pumps either. When work becomes too much to bear for Abigail, she finds respite in a relaxing massage, or some chill time by the pool; otherwise, a guiding philosophy she tries to adhere to is “live and let live”. “Life never goes as planned, so you’ve just got to suck it up and move on,” she says. “I can’t remember whether this was just an epiphany, or the result of one of the many discussions my girlfriends and I have had. It might just be both!” Her goal for the year? “To try to get through the remainder of 2016, unscathed!”

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