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Oxford Men's Tailors


Oxford Men's Tailors

Several interesting things about me:
I was born in Prague, am married to a Mexican, am a 3rd generation hospitality enthusiast, and have lived in nine countries in nineteen years. I once served seven presidents, at the same time, in one evening in Litomysl Castle in the Czech Republic.

People don’t know this but…
My dad is a poet and writer, with 12 published books. He’s a member of the Association of Czech Writers in the Czech Republic.

Some items in my wardrobe I can’t live without:
A three-piece suit, leather belt, and my grandfather’s cufflinks.

If I could speak to my younger self, I’d say:
Stay strong, success will come with hard work.

Favourite comfort foods:
Laksa, beef tartare, and Czech roasted duck.

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