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Tell us a bit about what you do and what are some misconceptions about your job?
I’m an optometrist. People usually think that we have perfect eyesight. I’m very lucky, I do have perfect eyesight but most of my colleagues don’t. They also think that we’re boring because optometry is a very old and specialised trade. Most of the people in this industry have been here for a long time and there’re not many newcomers. 

What’s fashion to you?
Fashion is what makes me feel good but comfortable at the same time. Whatever’s comfortable, yet makes me feel confident to go out. 

When you go shopping for clothes, what do you look out for?
The type of material is very important as I hate sweating in my clothes. 

Do you have a hobby? How did you get into it?
I actually do play a lot of tennis. I used to dance quite often, but not so much now because of work. I’ve always liked sports and my boyfriend and I decided to learn to play tennis together. We then found out that we have many friends who play tennis as well and now it’s a social activity. 

What’s the most cherished piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
I used to keep many of my old school tees—camp shirts and class tees. I kept them for a really long time before I could donate them. 

What kind of food do you enjoy?
I love ban mian and bak chor mee! Ban mian is a comfort food and I’m down for bak chor mee anytime. I miss these dishes the most when I go overseas.

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