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Share with us a little about your work.
I’m the Creative director for an Australian skincare brand called Cemoy. I design the packaging for the brand and I’m involved in all the creative aspects around the packaging.

 When was the last time you felt inspired? What are your common sources of inspiration?
Maybe 10 seconds ago? 😅 As a creative person, I’m always looking for inspirations. I can get inspiration from a sticker in the street, the shape of a leaf during a hike, the latest exhibit of a world-renowned artist, or random stuff while browsing Instagram or Pinterest.

What is fashion to you?
To me, fashion is the crystallisation of a society’s mindset. It’s fascinating to see how fashion can integrate into and beautify street culture.

How has your style evolved through the years?
Hmm…it has become more lazy (laughs) I used to wear high heels but as I got older, I swapped my stilettos for sneakers!

What’s a trend from the past that you wish would come back?
Can I choose a trend that I wish would not come back instead? Guys, please LEAVE the ’80’s look to the ’80’s! I’m not strong enough to live through another era of mullet haircuts and permed hairstyles. (laughs)

Do you practise any self-care habits or routines? Share with us about them a little more.
Well, I’m working for a skincare company, so I do have a morning and night skincare routine. (laughs) I’m also taking HIIT classes at least twice a week at a gym near my house. I like it because it’s like a big family with young and old people, very fit guys and first-time users. There’s no judgement there, just a good workout.

Last year, I fell in love with wakeboarding. So, I’m having fun every weekend at the Singapore Wake Park with my husband and kids.

A movie you’ll never get tired of rewatching is:
As a French, I will name a very silly old French comedy: La Cité de la peur . I think I’ve seen it 50 times and I still laugh out loud every single time I see it!

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