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The indoor climate drives Tomoco’s office style. “My office is too cold, so I can’t wear any skirts or one-piece dresses though I love them,” she says. “I only wear pants so as not to freeze to death on week days. Pants-style is my working uniform!” Originally from Japan, Tomoco learnt how to speak English online before coming to Singapore, and her outfit still hints at her nationality. Ankle socks with loafers? Not your usual workplace attire. And keeping true to the legendary Japanese spirit of humility, Tomoco says that her favourite part of her job is that she gets to work for someone else’s sake: “Hearing “Thank you” from my clients is the most rewarding.” In her spare time, Tomoco recently resumed playing tennis with her husband, after having a long-delayed surgery on her shoulder (“I suffered for so long!”), and thanks to her husband’s excellent coaching skills, she divulges their “funny dream”: to be senior champions of mixed doubles tennis, within 50 years. We’re rooting for them already.

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