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What’s your dream job?
Probably to work on the set of Game of Thrones, either as part of the production design team, or any design-related aspect, really. It’s my favourite show—I’ve been following the latest season, and the production’s always very grand .

Are there any shows you’re currently hooked on to?
I actually watch a lot of HBO shows, which is why Game of Thrones is one of my favourites. I like Westworld and Stranger Things, too.

What’s a show that you grew up with?
I really love Sex and the City! My favourite characters are Carrie and Samantha—I followed them through all the seasons.

What’s the most memorable trip you’ve had so far?
I visited a rabbit island in Japan! There were free-ranging wild rabbits on an island called Okunoshima. I’m a huge animal lover—I’m actually both a cat and dog person. I don’t own a pet right now, but I hope to one day.

Share with us a comfort food of yours:
The first dish that comes to my mind is fish soup, maybe because of the rainy weather. It’s a boring answer, but it’s something warm and comforting to me.

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