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Do you think your style has changed since we last met you?
I think so! That was 6 years ago and I wasn’t really working, I was doing an internship around here so it’s slightly different.

I live in New York now.
I’ve lived there since 2012. It has been four years, though I spent a year and a half in HK. I came back here for Chinese New Year.

What do you like about New York?
I feel like there’s just many facets to the people. You have the rich, the poor, the creatives—it is just very, very diverse. I mean Singapore is diverse, too, but when you go to New York, you see how any industry can be big: whether it’s fashion or finance, it’s really bustling and vibrant.

Your favourite spots in New York? 
I guess the High Line, and also Dumbo (short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)it’s like a park in Brooklyn that overlooks Manhattan. Olivia Palermo lives there! It’s a very cute place. One thing I did like about Hong Kong though, was that it has a lot of character. You can go hiking, go to the beach, or the mountains; they’re all super near. New York doesn’t have that as much.

Best decision you’ve ever made?
I think going to the US, and actually living there. This was something I abstractly wanted but didn’t know how to get there. It just happened to work out. When I first came to the US, it wasn’t like I had the best job—I just took whatever that came my way.

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