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Meaning behind my tattoo:
That’s a treble clef. I’ve played the piano ever since I was 9. My sister picked it up first, and I decided to copy her! I feel that music is therapeutic, and it’s a self-learning journey. I still do play some days, after work.

If I could do anything I wanted to:
I’d quit my job and travel the world! The top places I’d like to visit would be the Pacific Islands, and I’d like to see the ancient city at Machu Picchu though I don’t know how I’m going to get there.

Something interesting about me:
The first time I was in France on a solo trip, I rented a tiny car and explored the Provence region.  Automatic transmissions are not popular in Europe, so this was me driving a manual car (despite not having driven one in eight years) on the wrong side of the road, in a foreign land whose language I didn’t speak. I’m pretty sure I confused the drivers there. I’ve learned to speak French since.

You mentioned that Italy is next on the list. What would you like to see or do there?
I imagine I would be in Tuscan countryside, painting on canvas with a glass of Chianti wine by my side.  

My dream office would have:
A teleportation machine that takes me home to my son in an instant.

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