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Quite a few items from Sheralynn’s outfit today are from the Philippines, which she visits frequently as her brother owns a restaurant there. “It kind of represents Singapore, and he serves our grandma’s home-cooked food.” It seems that good taste runs in the family; her jumpsuit was a gift, and her ring is from her mother. Sheralynn says that her style is individualistic. “It’s not too complicated. I like to keep it minimal, but with accessories,” she says. “No thanks to trends.” Working in media, she’s allowed to experiment with her dressing. “I love that in my line of work I’m allowed to switch things up and mix and match as I wish,” she says. “It also gives me the opportunity to make full use of a wardrobe that I hardly utilise on the weekends.” Her weekends are spent with her loved ones. “I spend most of my time with my family — there’s no place like home really — but my boyfriend and I have picked up a newfound love for waffle bars and concept cafes. We try to visit at least one every fortnight,” she says. There’s also the sporty side to the stylish Sheralynn. She spends some of her free time on soccer or Formula 1 — truly an all-rounder. Sheralynn was previously seen here

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