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Marc Jacobs



Something interesting about me:
I tend to get lost in my train of thoughts more often than not. From simple things, like deciding what I should have for lunch, to abstract imaginations that include morphing into a shark and diving to the deepest depths of the ocean. I believe that when you let your imagination run wild, it opens up numerous opportunities for you to develop your thinking process and to prevent the innovative mind from coming to a standstill. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it still makes me feel young at heart!

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Leaving the field of sciences to move into the arts and media industry. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but somehow in my earlier years of aspiring to be a veterinarian, I went down the biology path. It took me a good three years to finally realise I was not cut out for it and decided to dive back into writing. Haven’t regretted it one bit!

One thing I’m looking forward to this year:
Graduating from university! I honestly can’t wait to start work, though I can already hear the voices of my friends telling me I won’t know the freedom of being a student till it’s gone. Oh, and I’ve been working on a children’s book that I hope to complete by this year.

If I could do anything else, I’d be:
Running a pet hotel! I still love animals and ever since I gave up the veterinarian dream, I’ve always wondered to myself, “If I can’t medically treat animals, why not treat them as guests at my hotel?” Still haven’t given up on that dream! (laughs)

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