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Each year, I try to travel to and explore new places.
Last year, I travelled to a lot of places in Southeast Asia, like Bangkok and Yangon. I’ve gone to Korea as well, for a music festival—I have a group of friends that go around travelling for music festivals every year.

Favourite music festival so far:
Ultra Tokyo, in 2015. It was my first time going overseas for a music festival. It was fun as the culture is different, and so were the people that attended the festival. The Japanese are all really loud and friendly, and they really bother dressing up so it was very different compared to festivals held in Singapore. You don’t just go and listen to the music but you also make friends with the people who attend!

Most memorable trip:
A family trip to Hokkaido, Japan, just before I started work. I liked the scenery, because it was winter at the time, and we did a lot of winter sports. I also went to the onsen, where we sat in the hot tub and there was snow falling on us. It’s an experience which you can never get here in Singapore, so I really, really enjoyed Japan.

I destress by:
Going to the gym. I actually started just last year, and I think it’s a way to destress because my work demands a lot.  Somehow you get a high after gym sessions. I do HIIT classes which last for 20 minutes, so it’s not too time-consuming.

Something interesting about me:
I sing! I don’t have a favourite song, but I really like singing emo songs, they really get to me I guess. That’s when you can really belt it out! (laughs) I go for KTV with my friends all the time, and I also sing for church. Sometimes I sing for friends’ weddings, and that’s something I really enjoy doing.

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