For Edel, the smallest of details helps her to personalise her look. “I add chunky earrings or something with an interesting texture.” As such, her outfit can only be appreciated up close; what appears to be an oversized black dress at first glance is actually a skirt and ribbed top, and her large earrings and nose ring add an edgy touch. Edel says that she’s encouraged to let her personality direct the way she dresses at work, and it’s clear that she’s taken the advice to heart, describing her style as androgynous and casual. Nonetheless, she believes that workwear should be comfortable, but not sloppy. “My biggest pet-peeve is when people wear butt-revealing-shorts.” Edel’s time at work has taught her the importance of taking initiative, and keeping an open mind, but managing a work-life balance is something she’s had to figure out on her own. “If you are able to prioritise, there won’t be anything that is difficult to juggle. To me, personal time can be when I’m on my way to work, or heading back home.” This personal time is when she partakes in some of her favourite activities. “I love to crowd watch, and I can do this anytime, anywhere,” she says. “I also listen to all sorts of music, depending on my mood, and I’m hoping that Kakkmaddafakka, a Norwegian indie rock band, will come to Singapore.” She also spends a good amount of her time watching TV, with her favourite series of the moment  being Fresh Off The Boat, and reading. Her favourite book is American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, her favourite author, and perhaps her personal philosophy has been influenced by something she’s read of late: “Understand impermanence and stay in the present.”

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