Tell us about Scotland, where you’re from.
Well, we’ve got a lot of whisky stuff. You can go on whisky tours, go to different whisky shops, and try whiskies all day. We’re also the birthplace of Harry Potter—J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter in Edinburgh, so if you go there there’re a lot of castles and stuff which is really fun. We’re quite a rainy country, so I’d recommend going in the summer. I would say between May and August would be great.

Anything you haven’t seen or done in Singapore and would like to try?
I want to try one of your escape rooms! I’ve been told they’re really, really good here. I did a lot of touristy stuff like visiting the Botanical Gardens. I’ve also heard that the Singapore Zoo does an orang utan breakfast which I thought was really cool so I’d like to do that at some point.

Do you like the food here?
I had the chilli crab when I came about a year and four months ago. I used to be an English teacher in Japan and my boyfriend’s here, so he took me out for the chilli crab. There’re so many food choices here.

Which other countries have you been to?
I’ve lived in Japan, America, and in Singapore. So that’s three countries. I’d like to stay in Singapore for a little while longer—I really, really am enjoying it. It seems like a good place to put roots down actually.

You’ve got nice hair!
I’ve actually been going to the hairdresser since I was five years old. I only get my hair cut when I’m in other countries, but I get my hair coloured only back in the UK.

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