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Tell us about your field of study, is it something you wish to pursue as a career?
I’m studying Culinary and Business Management in Republic Polytechnic, which used to be something I was passionate about. Sadly, due to the stressful environment, I’ve lost interest in pursuing it professionally, although I still think baking is fun to do leisurely.

I’ll be enlisting in the army after finishing this course, after which I’m hoping to try something related to food science, or maybe enrol in a fashion school, even though I don’t know how to sew (laughs).

Describe your personal style.
There’s such a wide spectrum when it comes to fashion, so I’ve always liked trying different looks. I don’t understand how people can stick to a specific niche style. How do they find clothes and feel excited seeing the same things all the time?

I started experimenting with my clothes after secondary school, since we no longer had to wear uniforms. To be honest, my style was really bad at first, but I’ve come a long way. I mean, just look at me—I’m a guy wearing heels and carrying a handbag.

People see me and immediately think that I’m feminine because of how I dress, but screw what people think and screw toxic masculinity lah! I wear what I want; I feel good about it. I think people actually notice my confidence and approach me because of it, just like Shentonista has (laughs).

How do you typically spend your weekends?
When there are special events happening, like the recent Singapore Art Week, I do enjoy going down to experience it and see what’s up. But apart from that, I’m so swamped with schoolwork, so I try to take a break on weekends to rest up.

Do you have any hobbies?
Baking, of course! (laughs) I bake a lot of cookies and cupcakes that I give to family and friends.

I also enjoy a little painting here and there, although I’m no art student.

What kind of art do you like to see or experience?
I love looking at sculptures and more three dimensional forms of art as compared to paintings and such.

An exhibition I enjoyed recently was We Are Connected by Patricia Piccinini at the ArtScience Museum—it’s got weird sculptures that look like pigs.

The sculptures looked creepy at first, but the more I thought about them, the more I was intrigued by how the artist came up with such things. How did the artist think to combine two or three unrelated creatures, and how is it that they somehow work together?

I just find the whole thought process so interesting! Maybe I should study something to do with the human mind instead (laughs).

What is something you wish you learnt in school?
Entrepreneurship skills would have been really helpful since I’m in a business school. Especially in the culinary industry, understanding business models and how to start a business would make it easier for those who want to venture down that path.

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