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Tell us more about where you’re from, and what brings you to Singapore.
I’m from China, and I came to Singapore to pursue my undergraduate degree.

Back in China, the lifestyle is a little too fast-paced and stressful. Growing up in an environment like that, many of us Chinese citizens have a rigid mindset when it comes to how our lives should be led, like the age at which we should marry and start a family, so I’ve come here for a change of pace.

Many people, both locals and foreigners alike, feel that Singapore is equally fast-paced. Is this something that you agree with, having spent some time here?
Well, actually for me, it’s not so much where I move to, but more about just getting some breathing space, and physically distancing myself from my parents for a bit so that I have the freedom to think about what I’d like to pursue, how I’d like to live, and just explore my own interests in my own time, without the fear of clashing with my parents or causing any form of unhappiness.

Ultimately, I hope that being in Singapore will transform me into a better person—someone that my parents can be proud of.

That said, what do you plan to pursue after completing your studies?
I’ll probably find a job in sales here since I have experience working in the fashion industry back in China. I particularly love working with women’s clothing, as I find that they’re much more diverse and trendier than men’s.

Apart from fashion, what other interests do you have?
Photography is a big interest of mine; I do a lot of scenic photography and upload them to my WeChat. I’ve actually been taking many pictures of Singapore’s landscape!

How would you describe your style?
Comfort is at the core of my everyday attire. My style is also very diverse, likely due to my experience in the fashion industry.

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