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You’ve only just started studying in Singapore this year. Where are you from originally, and how are you finding Singapore so far?
I’m from a city in the south of Italy. Singapore is a really strategic place for travelling, because it’s so easy to get from one place to another, which is great—I actually just went to Cambodia last weekend. But I think it is too hot outdoors, and too cold indoors. I never know how to dress because if I wear summer clothes for the outdoors, then I need to carry something for when I’m indoors, because it’s too cold.

Where else have you travelled to since coming to Singapore? Do you have plans to travel abroad again soon?
Only Cambodia so far because we haven’t really gotten a break from school, but my friends and I are planning a trip to Bali next. I want to go for a surf camp there—it’s my dream. I’ve been wanting to do that since last year. And then after that, the Philippines maybe, or somewhere else. We have a long break coming up, so we want to take advantage of it.

On a regular weekend in Singapore, what do you like doing?
I like photography a lot, but I don’t really carry my camera around in Singapore because it’s really heavy, so I usually shoot when I travel. During the weekends I mostly try to explore the city as much as possible. I’ll go on some hikes and visit places like Pulau Ubin or museums. Just exploring neighbourhoods is nice too.

What kind of photography do you enjoy?
I like street photography and reportage. When I went to to Cambodia last weekend, I shot the local community there.

What do you miss most about Italy?
The pasta. I can make it on my own here, but some types of pasta are very hard to make because it’s hard to find the ingredients here. Like the bacon used for some kinds of pasta for example—I haven’t been able to find it here. Parmesan is really rare too, so I’m just trying to eat healthy, and then whenever I go out, I try to eat local and as much as I can, and try different things in general.

Have you found any places in Singapore that serves decent pasta?
Nope (laughs). But I have heard of this one place that I should try—d.o.c. Every Italian I’ve met is recommending it, especially the pizzas, so it should be good.

What’s one thing you’ve learnt since COVID?
Carpe diem. Do not postpone things, because you never know what the future is going to look like, so if you have the chance to do something now, you should just do it. That’s what I’m going to do with that Bali trip I’m planning, because I really want to go for that surf camp. And I could say “Okay, I’m going to wait until the future is easier to do it”, but then maybe it’s not going to happen, so since I know that I can do it now, I’m going to try to make it happen.

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