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Tell us about your field of study. Is this something you want to pursue as a career?
I’m studying Computer Engineering at the Singapore Institute of Technology which I got into solely because I didn’t know what else to do (laughs). Despite that, I’ve really grown to love the industry, especially since there’s such a broad range of applications, so yes, I think it’ll be an interesting line of work for me in the future.

What does your typical weekend look like?
I’m currently waiting for my internship to start, so I’m trying to spend my holiday as best as I can, spending time with friends and family.

I also really like watching films, TV shows, movies, and all sorts of pop culture content. I recently completed watching Ted Lasso, a comedy series about an English football team. I didn’t expect to enjoy it because I don’t watch football (laughs), but it’s surprisingly good.

You’re out alone today, do you spend time alone often?
It’s something I’m trying to embrace more because I get very anxious when I’m alone. Plus, I couldn’t find anyone to join me today (laughs).

I think it’s important to not care about what people think because legit nobody cares. So far, I’ve gone shopping alone a few times, and I’ve even tried eating alone which was very scary. But again, nobody cares!

What’s one thing that people are shocked to find out about you?
Many people are shocked when I tell them that I listen to rap music. I think that rap is very honest and tells huge stories in a very poetic way with cool beats. I’m currently listening to artists like A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, and Vince Staples.

What’s one thing you’re currently looking forward to?
I’m very much looking forward to gathering as a family and seeing everybody again during Hari Raya—it’ll be the first time since COVID-19.

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