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It’s tough to get a stranger to stop for a chat in the midday heat, much less to pose for a series of photos, so we were pleasantly surprised when N readily agreed to be photographed.

In between shots, he asked us what it was about his outfit that drew us to him, because it was such a simple, everyday look. Well, we told him that the answer was just that—his breezy, effortless summer outfit matched to perfection (and of course, his brown-blonde hair) was what made him stand out amidst the lunch crowd clad in corporate garb.

When asked how he would describe his personal style, N tells us that he dislikes formal wear, and isn’t one to don a suit and tie. So, he dresses in what makes him feel most comfortable in his own skin, which, as we can tell from his look, is usually weather-appropriate.

Outside of work, we also learned that N is quite the dancer. Having picked up dance in his polytechnic and university days, N tells us that he tries to go for dance classes when he can find the time.

As we snapped our last few photos of N and thanked him for his time, he thanked us too for stopping him, and said that he was glad that he could help us out in some way. We then parted ways, feeling refreshed from our encounter and short chat with N despite the sweltering heat, eager to shoot and speak with whoever we might meet next.

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