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What are some of your comfort foods?
Ondeh ondeh! I really love the burst of sweetness that oozes out with each bite. It also reminds me of my mom—till now, we have great conversations over a plate of ondeh ondeh and black coffee. As I grow older, I’m starting to appreciate the simpler local treats, which are bite-sized reminders of home.

If you could time-travel, which place and time period would you like to experience, and why?
Either the 1920’s, 60’s, or the 70’s—I love the music and fashion during those time periods. But I do feel that if I came back to the present, I’ll just be more thankful for the technology, comfort and convenience of current day! This reminds me of Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris: the main character keeps going back in time, because he wanted to meet the greats of past decades, but realises that everything he needed was already with him; that there is no time period that’s completely perfect.

Tell us about your favourite place when you were a kid:
I love the water—there’s just something about the sound of waves that instantly calms you down. My dad used to bring my brother and I out for snorkelling trips and water activities, so the beach has always been my happy place.

If you could start your own business without worrying about money, what would it be?
I’ll love to run a cafe bar with an area for live jazz music. It’ll have a space for local musicians to perform their original pieces, which is a concept I feel like isn’t easily found in Singapore. The bar will host poetry readings too!

Who are some of your favourite musicians/bands? How did you discover them?
I’ve always been into music because it’s been a good escape for me. I bonded with a lot of my friends over music—we’re always sharing new music and going for gigs together. I was more into punk rock when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I’ve started listening to more rap and city-pop. Some of my favourite artists are the Foals, Foo Fighters, Noname, AC/DC, Childish Gambino, Peach Tree Rascals and Paramore.

Is there someone who inspires you?
Hayley Williams from Paramore! She has such amazing stage presence and she’s not afraid to be who she is. Even as the band grows, music-wise, they remain relevant, and most importantly, they still retain their original essence as a band. Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters is an amazing role model too! He gives his 100 percent in everything he does and while he’s a rockstar by profession, he has managed to stay out of trouble and he stays very close to his family, which I find inspiring.

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