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How would you describe your personal style?
Original and a bit daring, usually, but that’s not the case at the moment—I live with a backpack right now, with only ten outfits.

What’s the one item you carry with you throughout your travels?
My scarf, which I also use as a headband. I don’t have it with me right now but when it gets hot, I usually wear it as a headband.

What’s one thing about your industry that you’d like to change?
People believe too much in fast fashion. We really need to think about sustainability and the environment and how fashion can be sustainable. I buy less—in fact, I don’t buy anything anymore actually.

Something you read recently that made an impact on you:
I like biographies and histories of real people—I’m not really into fantasies, but more into real people’s stories. I’ve read biographies of all the big names in fashion industry, and I found Coco Chanel’s life very interesting.

What’s one country you’d like to travel to?
South America. I know it’s not a country, it’s a region, but I’ve never been there so I’d love to go and work there for a few years. As for specific countries, I’d like to visit Colombia and Mexico. Fashion-wise, I think they have very strong roots and I don’t know that part of the world well. I’m taking Spanish lessons now actually.

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