Infectious Energy







Salvatore Ferragamo

They say third time’s a charm but Alexis has managed to charm us every single time we saw her. Unlike the past two times though (here and here), on this occasion, she looked decidedly more womanly, dressed in a flowy midi skirt and classic pumps. Nonetheless, her signature windswept hair remained a constant and so too was her infectious, voluble personality. “I’m really trying to get more hands-on with life this year!” Alexis exclaimed. Ever the go-getter, she’s aiming to try out a slew of new things, some of which include picking up German, learning how to play the drums and DJ-ing for an indie music dance floor. “I’ve adopted Google’s slogan of ‘Do Cool Things That Matter’, ” she explained. “Please include this so if I ever try for a job with them, they can Google me and read this,” she added, laughing. You heard it here, Google. 

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