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Tell us about your field of study. Is this something you want to pursue in the future?
I just graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communications, and I’ll be heading to Glasgow soon to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in the same field.

I haven’t thought so far ahead as to what I want to do in the future, but I’ll probably come back to Singapore to become a graphic designer.

What was your greatest takeaway from your Diploma?
I learnt a lot, especially during my industry attachment at a design studio in my second year. The environment is very fast-paced, which kept me on my toes and really helped to buff up my technical skills. I also got to work on illustrations for an exhibition at the National Design Centre.

Overall, I’m very grateful for the experience.

Why did you decide to further your studies abroad?
I applied to both local and private design schools here but was rejected, which I suppose is normal—I know of many people who had to apply multiple times before getting into these schools. Sadly, I think there’s still a discrimination against Polytechnic students. I guess Singapore just doesn’t want me (laughs).

Jokes aside, I’m actually feeling very anxious about my move to the UK, but I have to be an independent woman at some point! I hope to make the best out of my time there—gain new connections and experiences, and travel around Europe while I can.

What have you been up to since we graduated?
I’ve been doing some freelance design work and also working on my small jewellery business, @strandgal.

I started this brand three years ago as I felt that there wasn’t much opportunity to be hands-on in design school, and I wanted to go back to my roots of creating more tactile art like I used to in the art classes I attended when I was young.

Do you like wearing your own jewellery?
I really love what I make and seeing my pieces on others, but I feel weird wearing them because I don’t want to be a walking advertisement for my brand—it’s a bit paiseh! (laughs)

How do you practise self-care when you’re feeling stressed?
I go for runs regularly, no matter how busy I am. It’s a part of my routine and helps to keep me grounded.

Other than that, I enjoy watching movies and TV shows. I watched a 1999 teen comedy film called Jawbreaker with my friend yesterday, and that was really fun. I love the fashion in it too!

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