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We hear that you’re from a big family. Tell us a bit about your relationship with your siblings.
I’m 25 years old and the youngest of seven siblings. I have two brothers and four sisters, altogether 14 years apart, from the youngest to the oldest.

We’re all pretty close and have similar interests and tastes in fashion and music. Actually, everything I’m wearing today were gifted to me by my sisters (laughs).

What brings you to Singapore?
I’m here from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to watch The Strokes’ concert with my sister, Natasha. They recently played at the Good Vibes Festival in KL, which I didn’t manage to get tickets for, so when they announced an additional stop in Singapore, Natasha and I knew that we had to come.

The Strokes was introduced to us by our older siblings, so we’ve been listening to this band since we were young. The rest of our siblings couldn’t make it down on such short notice, unfortunately, so it’s just us two this time round. It will also be my first time watching a concert in Singapore. I heard the crowd here is different as compared to Malaysia, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

What’s your favourite song from The Strokes?
Some Day. It’s cliché, but I really like it.

What are some other bands you wish to catch live?
Last Dinosaurs, Arctic Monkeys, and Chvrches. I saw Last Dinosaurs at the City Roar! Festival in KL recently but it was only a short act, and I didn’t manage to catch them in Singapore the last time, so I hope they’ll do a full concert in Malaysia soon.

What do you like to do in your free time back home?
Currently I spend most of my days job hunting and playing video games like Diablo 4, Valorant, and recently, Ghost of Tsushima.

Other than that, my favourite thing to do in Malaysia is to ‘lepak mamak’, which means to hangout or chill with friends over some local food. I also like to hunt for new cafes or go shopping with my sisters.

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